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The Monmouth County Police & Fire Pipes & Drums, originally named the Monmouth County Police Pipes & Drums (1999-2009), was formed to embody all sworn Law Enforcement members of Monmouth County, New Jersey (USA). Today, the Band’s members include federal, state, county and local law enforcement as well as career firefighters and public service employees and active and former members of the United States Military. It is the desire of the Monmouth County Police & Fire Pipes & Drums to foster the spirit, pride and professionalism of public safety and public service to the whole community through our performances at various venues. The Monmouth County Police & Fire Pipes & Drums will be representative of all police officers and career firefighters in Monmouth County, and will carry its responsibility with honor and integrity, so it may be seen and heard.

The first organized meeting and practice was in 1999. The idea for a police pipe band in Monmouth County came about after the line-of-duty death of Sergeant Pat King of the Long Branch Police Department. Since then, the band has come a long way. Members have performed at various parades throughout the state, New York City, Savannah, Georgia and the Police Memorial in Washington D.C. The band has also participated in numerous line-of-duty funerals, as well as funerals for retired officers and firefighters.

The band consists of years of piping and drumming experience that represent the highest traditions of public safety bagpiping. The band is led by Pipe Major Boyd Moore. He is assisted by Pipe Instructor Tim McCabe, who has over 50 years of piping experience and is considered to be one of the top pipers in New Jersey, and Steve “Butter” Butterbrodt who passes on his years of piping experience to the band’s newest chanter students. Together, both Tim and Butter bring close to 100 years of piping, knowledge and experience to the band.

Our 10th anniversary year brought about a change which we are happy to celebrate. Almost from the beginning, members of the firefighting community joined the band. In 2009 the name was officially changed to reflect this. For the past year the band has worked to develop a new logo to commemorate that name change.

Although the smallest part of our logo, the two badge numbers included are the most important. Badge #167 was assigned to Long Branch Police Detective Sergeant Patrick King. Pat was killed in the line-of-duty on November 20, 1997. As stated above, Pat’s death was the inspiration to form this band. Badge #1625 was assigned to Port Authority of NY/NJ Police Officer Richard Rodriguez. Richie was a member of our band and killed in the line-of-duty on September 11, 2001.

The two most striking parts of our logo are the depiction of our patron saints, Saint Michael and Saint Florian. These were hand drawn by Doug Parise. The band wishes to thank Doug for the time and effort he put into these drawings.

The final part of the bands’ logo is a simple phrase, “Two Hearts, One Beat.” We feel the phrase speaks for itself.

Monmouth County Police & Fire Pipes & Drums

February 27, 2010

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